Creating a Schedule

Scheduling is one of the most important things to do before building on any skill. In this lecture, I tell the story of a private student of mine who was having trouble finding the time to practice. His work hours were getting longer and things would always come up. And the days he did try to practice, he was uninspired. I broke down his daily schedule and worked out a time table to put him in a routine that allowed him to keep up his lifestyle while managing to practice 15 minutes per day.

I hope you found that lecture helpful. If you are already an organized person and you've already worked this out before the course even started, I like where your head is at. But if you are more like the rest of us and hadn't really thought about this quite yet, now is a good time. In the exercise video below, I will show you how to make a time table of your daily schedule in order to find your 10-15 minute practice window.

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Schedule Exercise 1.pdf
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